Postscript 18.1


Editor’s Introduction

Margaret J. Oakes, “”For reason, put to her best extension, / Almost meets faith”: The Flawed Dialectical Structure in Donne’s Sonnets”

Lynn Hanson, “Defining the Heroic: Characterization in Alice Childress’ _Trouble in Mind_”

Gwen W. Macallister, “”You must zee it all the time”: Making Words into Windows in _A Hazard of New Fortunes_”

Matthew W. Morris, “Jean d’Arras and Couldrette: Political Expediency and Censorship in Fifteenth-Century France”

David McCracken, “”A Call to the Blood”: E.M. Forster’s _A Room with a View_ as a Precursor to D.H. Lawrence’s _Lady Chatterley’s Lover_”

Merritt Moseley, “Julian Barnes and the Displacement of Adultery”