Postscript 22.1


Editors’ Introduction

David McCracken, “Francis Phelan as a Postmodern Odysseus in William Kennedy’s _Ironweed_”

Lois Rauch Gibson, “_A SeparatePeace_: Four Decades of Critical Response”

Ronald J. Nelson, “Inconclusive Oosure in Carol Shields’ _The OrangeFish_”

Lorena Russell, “Hope and Despair in _The English Patient_”

Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau, “Friedrich Gerstacker Writes, “‘Let’s go to America:’ German Immigration and Colonial Fantasies in the Nineteenth Century”

Allison Cooper, “Breaking the Seven-Hundred Year Silence: Yosano Akiko Speaks”

Ann González, “Who is Mambru and What is He Doing in Kindergarten?”

Krystal Blanton, Kim Bailey, and Boyd Davis, “Corpora and Concordancing: Benefits to Classroom Instruction”

Christopher D. Johnson, “Bad Science, Good Rhetoric, and the End of the World”