Postscript 23.1


Editors’ Introduction

Peter Whelan, “Samson, Delilah, and Yahweh: Character and Prejudice”

Richard Vela, “The Merchants of Venice: The Importance of Context in Film Versions of the Play”

Katie Rose Guest, “‘Embrace the Prudent Alliance’: William Byrd of Westover and Intermarriage between Europeans and Native Americans”

Andrew Brooks, “The Tyrant Motif and Nosferatu: 1922, 1979, and 2000”

Kirsten A. Krick-Aigner, “Girls Coming of Age During World War Two and the Postwar in Austria: Novels by Christine Nostlinger and Renate Welsh”

Brian Chandler, “Archive and Origins in _Los perros del paraiso_”

Ellen Arnold, “Preying on the Working Mother: Michael Crichton’s Real Villain”

Marsha Taylor, “Coyote Beautiful: The Joy of Sisterhood in Barbara Kingsolver’s _Prodigal Summer_”

Lorena Russell, “Aesthetes, Ogees and “The Lady”: Queer Complications in _The Line of Beauty_”