Postscript 25.1


Editors’ Introduction

Renee L. Greenan, “Always ‘Poundin’ a Kid’: Abusive Realism in Stephen Crane’s _Maggie_”

David Cross, “A Critique of Arabic Literature and Society: Naguib Mahfouz’s _Arabian Nights and Days_”

Eileen Crowe, “Re-Valuing the Personal Narrative: Developing Metaphor and Critical Thinking in the Composition Classroom”

Simone Zahler, “The Four Conceptions of the Simplon Road in William Wordsworth’s _The Prelude_”

Merritt Moseley, “Pounds, Shillings, and Pence: Currency Values and Reading English Literature, 1750-1998”

Elisa Pollack, “The Indo-European Roots of the German Verb SEIN ‘to be’”

Gary Ettari, “‘Ut Pictura Poesis’: Jonson and the Painted Subject”