Submission Information

Postscript welcomes submissions on topics related to the fields of literature, language, film, and pedagogy. The language of publication is English. Past issues have included literary criticism, theory, linguistic studies, criticism of film and folklore, and pedagogy.

The journal aims to showcase a range of research in all areas of language and literature, offering a broad spectrum from the most traditional scholarship to the most innovative. Criteria follow:

  • The article makes an original and significant contribution to the field;
  • The argument should appeal to a broad range of academics across disciplines;
  • The article should be clearly and engagingly written, must demonstrate a commitment to the text and its context, and may integrate a theoretical framework with textual analysis.

Prospective contributors should consider the following guidelines.

  1. Essays ought to make an original contribution to the understanding of language, literature, film, and/or pedagogy. The article’s particular contribution to current conversations in the field should be clearly articulated at the outset. The editor reserves the right to return any submission that appears unsuitable for Postscript without sending it out to referees.
  2. Abstruse inquiries, those whose interest appears limited to a very small number of experts working on the same point, would probably be at home in a more specialized periodical.
  3. As an online journal, Postscript does not stipulate an absolute maximum or minimum. Lengthy articles may be rejected, shortened, or abbreviated as per the editors and reviewers. Postscript does not publish brief notes on technical points.
  4. Drafts submitted for external review must be polished, with citations and references in MLA style and checked for accuracy.
  5. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments in Microsoft Word or Word-compatible format to